Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Hello, Dear Reader!

Well, it's that time of year again, and you know what that means . . . Time to pop in my "Christmas in the Stars" CD (that's the Star Wars Christmas album, in case you didn't know) and crank up the volume for such great carols as "R2-D2 We Wish You a Merry Christmas" and the classic "What Can You Get a Wookiee For Christmas (When He Already Has a Comb)."

In celebration of the holidays, I really wanted to take some time to thank you for making this past year such a good one for me--you're like my extended, extra-dimensional family, and the holidays is a time for family! As a gift to you, I put together a bonus edition of Savunn's Corner (other editions are in the print copies of Fusion) just for the holidays. Hope you don't mind my goofy art!

Anyway, I hope you have a very wonderful holiday! Talk to you soon!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sorry About the Lack of Updates

Just wanted to take a few moments to apologize for the lack of updates. Turns out being a student and superhero doesn't leave a lot of time for blog updates!

Anyway, my Transcriber at Essay Bee Comics has brought a number of comments and questions to my attention from you about some aspects of the Superpowers Law (and hero Copyright issues). In truth, I'm not that familiar with all of the nuances of the Law myself, but I'll be sure to relay the questions to Captain Stupendous or Riveter next time I see them. (I'd ask Brooder, but I doubt he'd give me much of an answer.)

Also, I think it's worth mentioning that, unlike Purple Principal, Wandering Whistler didn't really get much in the way of a memorial ceremony after his murder. In large part, the lack of a service is because of the Whistler's nature (most heroes say it's only a matter of time before he shows up again), but it's still something I'd like to discuss. The Whistler has always been a bit of an enigma, and I didn't know much about him until I asked around after his death--and the story I got is REALLY cool! So cool that I have to share it with you!

But, since I'm short on time, that'll be an update for another time.

Sorry for the tease, but suffice it to say I have a lot to talk about (and what I mentioned above is just 2 of the things I wanna tell you about).

Take care, and I'll talk with you soon!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another Murder in the Hero Community!

Thermo has struck again!

Late last night, the Wandering Whistler fell from the sky. Just like with the Purple Principal, he was found with two bullets in his head, and a few hours later a video of Thermo--where he again claimed responsibility for the murder--made its way to the news stations.

It looks like Thermo's promise of a "Hero Holocaust" wasn't just an empty threat.

I'll keep you updated as I learn more.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day of Remebrance

Today was the day the Purple Principal was laid to rest, and I was there in the front row, right next to Captain Stupendous and Grasshopper, at the request of SAS. Apparently, the Purple Principal was a school principal by vocation and took a keen personal interest in all of us younger superheroes. According to Captain Stupendous (who personally invited both Grasshopper and me), Grasshopper and I were among the new wave of heroes that the Principal took a liking to, and SAS thought it would be appropriate to give young heroes the most prominent seats, since the Principal always sought to inspire kids and teens to make the best of themselves.

It was a nice ceremony--well, as nice as funerals go--and I got to meet a number of heroes, including Dr. Electric (with whom I only spoke briefly via communicator during my SAS interview--see Issue #2). He was there with fellow Fab Fiver, Polygraph--the other three members of the Fabulous Five were out of the country lending humanitarian aid to the worsening situation in Darmar.

Over 2,000 civilians (many of them students) were also among those assembled, and after the ceremony, many of the heroes, including myself, hung out and mingled with them--and I even gave out my first autographs!

Security was very tight, and there were heroes on almost every rooftop, hundreds of police, and constant surveillance from the SAS space station. Thankfully, there was no violence, and no sign of Thermo (the villain who murdered the Principal). Everyone tried to keep the occasion celebratory to honor the Principal's upbeat and positive attitude, but I know the promise of Thermo's "Hero Holocaust" hung over everyone's head. Almost every hero I spoke with kept an eye to the sky and was ready to jump into action at the merest hint of danger.

Well, I have an exam to study for, so I gotta get going. Talk to you soon, Dear Reader.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Saddness Turns to Outrage! (New Details About Purple Principal's Murder)

Okay. So the situation with the Purple Principal just got a lot grimmer.

Yesterday, when the story about his death was just surfacing, everything seemed to point to him being murdered. That much has been confirmed. SAS and the police have released the gruesome details of his death, and said that he was found in an alley with two bullets in his brain and his Paddle of Vengeance broken at his side.

As I said yesterday, I couldn't think of anyone who would want to hurt him, although I wondered if his run-ins and subsequent punishment of drug dealers might've caused someone to hold a grudge against him.

I was wrong.

Shortly after the details of his death were released, a video surfaced with a new supervillain calling himself Thermo taking responsibility for what he straight-up called an "assassination." Even worse, he said that this was just the first killing in what would be a "Hero Holocaust."

I don't think I like the way this week is shaping up at all!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Day of Saddness in the Hero Community

Today's been kind of a rough day. Luckily, I got my report for English done on time, and I think I did okay on my pre-calc exam (contrary to female stereotypes, I do well in math), but tonight news broke about the death of a superhero. The Purple Principal (dubbed the Daring-Doer of Discipline) was confirmed to be dead. Neither the police nor SAS has yet released any details, but unconfirmed reports are saying it looks like murder!

The Purple Principal was a well liked hero and really didn't have any enemies in the villain community. He spent most of his time reaching out to disadvantaged kids--lecturing at inner-city schools and helping out with various community outreach programs--although he was also known to dish out some discipline with his Paddle of Vengeance--which was usually used on drug dealers.


Perhaps he ran afoul of some drug lord?

I'll keep you posted as I find out more details.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fan Art Work!

How cool is this?

A reader did a piece of fanart of Grasshopper and me! I'd like to give a big "Thanks!" to Legend Comics for doing this great pic! For those of you who would like to see more of his art, check out his Sketchbook.

He also has two really fun comics that he works on: The Urban Legends and Knight Hawk and Kid Sparrow. Be sure to check them out!