Sunday, October 11, 2009

First Look at My Life (First 4 pages plus Cover)

All right, Dear Reader.

Here's what you probably came here for in the first place--the reality show of my life, as seen through the pages of the comic "Fusion."

Although this may seem to be a simple web comic, it's actually much more (as you'll understand by page 2). To be more precise, these pages are actually a window into another dimension--a transdimensional viewport if you will.

Anyway, I'll let my life story speak for itself, as laid out by my Transcriber at Essay Bee Comics, that is. Basically, my Transcriber serves as an editor, snipping out all the extraneous parts of my life to streamline it into a format that can fit in 20 pages (much like the editors of Reality TV shows cut all the filmed footage down to fit a 30- or 60-minute TV show). I still wish he would be a bit more liberal with his cuts--I sound like I blabber too much (although Bob says that my depiction is overly kind in that department).

Well, enough of the chatter. Here's the first update my Transcriber posted.

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