Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fusion Issue #2 Update (Pages 14-17)

Things have been busy around here, what with schoolwork and crimefighting and everything. Because of that, I've been a bit slow to get this last update up.

Anyway, here's my brief SAS interview with three of my heroes (Captain Stupendous, Riveter, and that sour-puss Brooder), as well as Dr. Electric, leader of the Fabulous Five (who's chiming in via communicator). The Fab Five are not a part of SAS, although SAS does frequently consult with them (especially Dr. Electric, who's probably the most brilliant scientific minds on my world).

For those wondering what my powers are, you'll at long last get your answer, although this interview gets cut short by a crisis!

There are only another 4 pages to go in Issue #2, so you know things are about to move into high gear.

Until next time, take care, Dear Reader!

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