Monday, December 14, 2009

Fusion #2 Started!

Hello, Dear Reader!

Sorry I've been out of touch for so long. The holidays always keep me pretty busy, both with family, school (lots of projects to finish before winter break), and crime fighting (there's a spike in petty crimes and thefts this time of year). All of that has kept me from posting here as much as I'd like . . . and I feel absolutely awful that I missed sending a Thanksgiving message. Sorry! For what it's worth, Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

Anyway, my Transcriber at Essay Bee Comics has readied the first 5-page update of Fusion #2, which I'm posting presently. He told me this second issue will be 20 pages long, so expect three more updates before this issue's finished (hopefully by February, or else my Transcriber will be pretty embarrassed, since he dated the issue Feb 2010 on the cover).

Anyway, this post will contain the cover and first two pages; next post will contain pages 3-5 (and will be up within minutes of this post).

Cover and Pages 1-2

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